Thursday, April 15, 2010

My future

Thanks to my friend Amie, who wondered if I ever did this to MY mother.

I now wait for the day when this happens...

Piano Girl

Ivy likes to play the piano. When she feels moved to create music, she says, 'Play? Play?" She likes to sit in her eating chair on the piano bench; it makes her feel more secure. Here are some pics of her playing and singing a tune called, "Ivy, Mommy, Ivy." Yep, those are all the lyrics. :)

Yesterday, Ivy walked up to Matt and said, "Daddy? Where other Daddy?" (meaning Michael)

On our walk yesterday, she jumped into a sidewalk puddle and said to a monk weeding the yard of the monastery, "THIS IS FUUUUUUN!!!!" He replied, "I think you were a monk in a past life." Ivy cocked her head thoughtfully for a moment and replied, "YUP!"

Today we went for a post-rain morning walk. It smelled wonderful, and we studied the worms out on the sidewalks. They were inching and crawling, and we were careful not to smush them as drove by in the stroller!

Here are some pictures from today and earlier this winter, again with Nova Solomon, and Charlotte Midwinter.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More from Monday and today


We love to spend time with our friends. This week we spent the day with Solomon, Nova, and Charlotte Midwinter! We went to the park, had snacks, played with the Kitty, and Solomon and Nova showed Ivy and Charlotte their excavating skills by "digging out" an "ancient" Roman Sundial. We decided to make a project out of it and dig out one piece each week until we have enough for a whole one! Then we will put it together and see if we can make it tell time!

Today Ivy got up at 6:00, had breakfast (to which she yelled, "YAY!") and then requested she watch "Jessica." (Murder She Wrote)

Ivy also sat on the potty today, albeit with her jeans still on. :) She pointed to her potty, then to the big potty, and said, "One potty, one potty, TWO potties!"

Now she is sitting on her potty, watching Murder She Wrote, wearing her purple hat. It is that kind of day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Back Again!

Yesterday I was thinking, 'I should keep some kind of journal of Ivy's activities so we have them and we know where we've been..." Then I thought, "You have that. It's called your BLOG."

I can't believe it's been all winter! Here are some highlights. The flowers are from Daddy to Mommy on Valentine's Day. Then there's Ivy wearing Mommy's underwear around her neck because it's her "scarf." Ivy reading all about the Beatles, and our tea party with our "pals." More to come!

Friday, November 20, 2009

That's the story, morning glory

Mommy and Matt are getting married!

I knew that Matt was having his mom's rings restored, and I was excited. I didn't know when they'd be done, or how he would do it! On the 12th of November, Matt took me to see "Faith Healer" at the Guthrie, which we both LOVED, but was, as he puts it, "comically unromantic." It was very heavy!
It was cold and drizzling, and we were hungry after the show, so we went to our favorite late-night noshing, Great Waters in Saint Paul. We went back to Matt's house off West 7th, and Matt said, "You want to take a little walk?" I thought, "'s kind of cold and rainy, but sure..." so we had a surprisingly pleasant stroll through the neighborhood. We got back to the house and I got my things from the car, and went up the steps to the house. He grabbed my hand and said, "Wait..." fumbled in his pocket and brought out the ring. He knelt on one knee and said, "I love you more than I can say. I love your daughter, and want to be a father to her. I love your family and want to be part of it. I want to join my life with yours. Will you be my wife?"

I said yes. Of course!

June 12th, 2010. Be there!

We are so excited, and thanks to our families and friends. We love you all very much.